End of Year 2019 Fund-raising

End-of-Year Fund-raising Campaign 2019

Sponsorships for a high-school education in Belize

Ocean Academy is launching its End of Year fund raising campaign for 2019
to support a growing enrollment for 2019-2020.

Current Key Facts and Figures:

  • Enrollment has increased by 46% in two years from 91 to 133 students.
  • Our 12th year to provide secondary education where none existed before 2008.


  • 26 National Awards
  • 19 International Awards

Our Funding Sources:

  • Government of Belize:                                         51%         ($1,646 USD per student)
  • Student Fees:                                                          15%         ($470 USD per student)
  • Social Enterprise (School Businesses):         11%        ($338 USD per student)
  • Fund-raising:                                                           24%        ($702 USD per student)

Current Funding Gap is 24% of the annual budget = $704 USD per student.

OA is Breaking Systemic Poverty in Belize:

$800 fully sponsors the funding gap and a $200 BZ sponsorship for school fees for one student.

By sponsoring the funding gap for one or more students, you are empowering teens to break the cycle of poverty in Belize through education.

Donate today to the Friends of Ocean Academy 2019 End of Year Campaign!

Recent Ocean Academy Student Accomplishments

FirstGLOBAL Robotics, Mexico City, August 2018

When O.A. first opened in 2008, we had no computer lab and relied on donated laptops. Now in Technology, 16-year old Daniela represented Team Belize at the FIRST Global Robotics Olympics August 16-18. The students assembled and coded a robot capable of lifting small boxes and glass panels and twisting a handle on the game field with the theme of "Energy Impact". Belize placed 106/161 countries and won a Safety Award. Upon her return to Belize, Daniela visited elementary schools to show younger children what is possible in Science and Technology.

Daniela and her I.T. teacher Mr. Tzub led Team Belize to the FIRST Global Robotics Olympics August 16-18. The kit arrived in June, and students had to build and code a robot capable of lifting small boxes and glass panels and twisting a handle on the game field with the theme of "Energy Impact". 182 countries signed up, and 161 teams competed in the three-day Olympics. Daniela was the flag bearer for Team Belize. An added twist is that countries were randomly matched together into Village Alliances and had to strategize and work together in the competition. Each game lasted 2:30 minutes and the team robots had to lift and carry and twist game pieces that represented solar panels, energy cubes, wind turbines. Belize placed 106/161 and also earned a "Safety Award". A full sponsorship allowed Daniela and her teacher to participate in this amazing international technology opportunity.

The Ocean Academy Finance Wise Team won First Place in the Innovation Challenge competing against 15 high schools in the Belize District (third First Place win in five years)!

Congratulations to students Preston Smith, Lupita Aldana, Daniela Novelo, Vincent Sotz, and Alejandro Arias-Perez, and mentors Janel Cayetano and Florence Goldson.The O.A. Finance Wise team competed against 15 high schools in the Belize District to address the need for increased financial literacy in Belize. Their solution includes the students serving as Financial Advisors to guide their peers to create budgets and plans for funding post-graduation goals (University, Trade Certifications, Small Businesses) through one-on-one sessions, original YouTube videos, a website, and a mobile app. They plan to reach younger students through games and adults through community workshops. They won first place in both categories of the competition: the solution presentation and the infomercial.

Graduate Kyle Requena is guiding for international Fly Fishing Guide Services.

"I loved my fly fishing, kayaking and scuba electives at OA and won a National Youth in Tourism Award. Now I have my Tour Guide license and freelance as a fishing guide for several operators." Kyle learned to fly fish and the foundations of guiding at O.A. as part of instructor Haywood Curry’s fly fishing class. He now enjoys a successful career guiding for outfitters including Haywood’s Anglers Abroad at Sea Dreams Hotel, ___________ (?), and Yellow Dog Fly Fishing.

Thirteen Ocean Academy students completed a rigorous, two-week Networking Course delivered by seven industry experts from Digital Silence in Colorado.

Justin Whitehead, CEO of Digital Silence, described the OA students as "incredibly talented, driven, enthusiastic learners who passed an exam designed for a University-level course. We are so impressed with students as young as 13 having maturity, focus, and passion for technology. We will definitely return to teach more OA students!" Two OA students have already taken this knowledge to the community and set up a computer system at the local police department.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
– Nelson Mandela
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